Dumb Test

The dumb test is an excellent assessment for any individual who wonders if he or she is a dumb ass. Some people have no idea how they graduated high school and they would like to know if it was some kind of freak accident. The dumb test can answer that question very quickly. This special assessment is also perfect for people who think they know it all. Anyone who has that friend of family member who swears that he or she is a genius can invite that person to take the test. If the individual does not pass the test, he or she can consider himself or herself a dumb ass.

About the Dumb Test

Dumb Test

Dumb Test

The dumb assessment consists of approximately twenty questions that seem easy on the surface. The tester usually views the first question and thinks to himself or herself “I got this.” He or she will breeze by each question and chuckle as such questions appear to be fit for a three year old. To the tester’s amazement however, test results usually indicate a lack of common sense and a poor understanding of simple concepts. The dumb test usually makes geniuses re-evaluate how they received such a high status label in intelligence.

How Dumb are You?

One’s measurement of dumbness depends on not only how many questions he or she answered incorrectly, but also which questions he or she answered incorrectly. Some questions require a larger lack of knowledge than others do. The tester will receive his or her results shortly after the test is completed. The user’s failure to interpret the test results may also qualify him or her as being dumb. There is also a second dumb evaluation available for any individuals who would like to know if they are still dumb after completing the first test. Chances are very high that the test results will be the same.

Interested parties may take the dumb test for entertainment purposes or self-intelligence evaluation. The assessment takes approximately ten minutes. The user should allow for an additional hour for lengthy thought processes and possible brain freeze. Scratch paper and calculators may be necessary for the mathematical portions of the test. Some of the questions may involve two pieces of fruit and a hungry animal. Other questions may involve guessing a pilot’s name at high altitudes. Anyone who enjoys the dumb tests may also enjoy reading about dumb laws and dumb criminals.

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